Welcome to YOUR website. Hopefully the members of the Province will wish to submit items and photos for inclusion to share the joys of their Conclave meetings with the wider OSM audience. Items should be submitted to the Webmaster.

The December message from the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler can be viewed here.

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler extends Seasonal Greetings to the brethren of West Yorkshire and their families.

Congratulations are extended to the 8 members of the Province who received from the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler appointments or promotions in Grand Conclave, and thanks to the other 15 members of the Province who attended to support this occasion. Details of these preferments are shown on the Grand Honours page.

*** The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler has announced a change in venue for the meeting of Provincial Grand Conclave in 2020 as detailed at the foot of this page. The announcement can be viewed on the PGSR News page.

*** At the request of the Provincial Grand Recorder we have a new page with details of talks and lectures available for delivery in Conclaves without ceremonies. If you have a talk to add please contact the Provincial Grand Recorder.

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler reiterates his wish that Brethren consider attending other Provincial Grand Conclaves and a letter of the subject can be viewed here and details of invitations are available on the Events page.

Don’t forget the Meetings Schedule which shows the dates of Conclaves and when available will show planned ceremonies of each Conclave as well as the Calendar which has details of other Conclaves as well as Provincial Meetings.

We now have a Facebook Closed Group specifically for members of the Order of the Secret Monitor, or those interested in joining. To be added to this group please contact the Right Worthy Brother Graeme Hutchinson.

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler recommends Princes of the Order consider joining the Ancient & Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord, members within the Province can be identified by this lapel pin.


The Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Conclave will be held on

Saturday 29th February 2020

Castle Grove Masonic Hall, Moor Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 4BR commencing at 11.00 a.m.

This is YOUR meeting please be there.

Provincial  Diary

Details of all known Secret Monitor events can be found on the Calendar and appropriate Meetings Schedule page.

 This month these include the following event:

Monday 9th December  Phoenix Conclave No 391 - lecture from V.Wy. Bro. J. Proctor P.G.V.

There are no Provincial Meetings but  details of 2020 meetings can be found on both the Calendar page and invitations on the Events page.

Terms & Conditions

The Provincial Grand Conclave of West Yorkshire

In the Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David & Jonathan